Friday Lunch Talks.

Lunch & Learn

We have a long history of eating lunch.

We’re pretty good at eating lunch. And every Friday we eat lunch together, just to make sure we stay practiced. During our Friday lunches, someone from the team gives a “Friday Lunch Talk” about something they have been working on, something they know, something they love, or just something they want to love. Brian taught us particle physics. Nate taught us how to make terrible origami. Andy gave us a rock concert. Justy taught us about hidden gems. What could you teach us?

Just for fun, here is a list of our past talks:

Topic Teammate Date Redesign Symposium Pete Jones, Ali Joaquin, Nick Krantz 11/20/2020
5 Tips to Surviving a Remote Internship Jubie Alade 10/23/2020
App Clips 101 Tyler Johnson 10/9/2020
User Research Exercise Ali Joaquin, Benjamin Wood, Matt Schraan 9/18/2020
Firebase Matt Schraan 9/11/2020
Top peaks to hit in Colorado Nels Pederson 9/4/2020
Licks by Andy Andrew Haisting 8/14/2020
Android ML Kit Sean Weiser 8/7/2020
14 Days in Italy Ali Joaquin 6/19/2020
Client Showcase (confidential) Matt Czech 6/12/2020
Chris' Apartment Tour Chris Fry 6/5/2020
Marching Band Alex Vanyo 5/29/2020
Göbekli Tepe Chris Sessions 5/15/2020
Media Server David Perez 4/24/2020
Yoga Jennifer Morgan 4/17/2020
Client Showcase (confidential) Sean Weiser, David Perez 4/3/2020
Obscure Minnesota Animals Jack Cunningham 3/27/2020
Client Showcase (confidential) Mike Bollinger, Sam Kirchmeier 2/28/2020
Southeast Asia Photos Andrew Haisting 1/31/2020
Home Renovations Nels Pederson 1/24/2020
Italy Justy Carlin 1/10/2020
Greece Pete Jones 12/6/2019
Deadlocks Alex Vanyo 11/15/2019
Andy's Last Day Nate Morse 11/1/2019
Bosnia Tyler Johnson 10/18/2019
Client Showcase (confidential) Paul Himes 10/4/2019
Client Showcase (confidential) Mike Bollinger 9/27/2019
Client Showcase (confidential) Keehun Nam 9/20/2019
Tie Dye Workshop Andrew Haisting 9/13/2019
SocialQ Chris Fry 7/26/2019
Countless Clean Tones: Why The Electric Guitar Will Never Be Boring Andrew Haisting 7/19/2019
Sweet Snaps from Rainier Hike Nels Pederson 7/12/2019
Client Showcase (confidential) Pete Jones 6/14/2019
Bitcorns Nate Morse 6/7/2019
When Will It Be Done? Collin Flynn 5/31/2019
Workflow Tips and Tricks Sam Kirchmeier 4/19/2019
Nepal Sam Kirchmeier, David Perez, Adam May 4/5/2019
Client Showcase (confidential) Adam May 3/15/2019
Hidden Gems Part 2 (Recommendations) Justy Carlin 3/8/2019
Latin Dance Adrianne De Los Reyes 3/2/2019
Using Design to Trick People Mike Bollinger 2/8/2019
Design Talk Tyler Johnson 1/18/2019
Motivic Music Keehun Nam 1/11/2019
Client Showcase (confidential) Tyler Johnson 12/14/2018
Wilderness First Aid Keehun Nam 12/7/2018
Korean Food Keehun Nam 11/16/2018
Virtual Reality Nate Yourchuck 10/26/2018
Twin Cities Hidden Gems Justy Carlin 10/19/2018
Two Factor Authentication Nate Morse 10/12/2018
Sous Vide Josiah Gulden 10/4/2018
Dart/Flutter Keehun Nam 9/28/2018
Guitars Part 3: Loops, Demos and Studio I/O Andrew Haisting 9/21/2018
Client Showcase (confidential) Pete Jones 9/14/2018
How To Become A Conductor Keehun Nam 8/31/2018
What Do Conductors Do Keehun Nam 8/10/2018
Book Reviews Josiah Gulden 8/3/2018
Homebrewing Matt Czech 7/13/2018
Edward Spetch Sam Kirchmeier 6/22/2018
Peru Kagan Riedel 6/15/2018
Abstract Andy Davis 6/8/2018
Europe Andrew Haisting 6/1/2018
Client Showcase (confidential) Matt Czech 5/18/2018
Client Showcase (confidential) Sean Weiser 5/11/2018
Client Showcase (confidential) Justy Carlin 5/4/2018
GDPR Tyler Johnson 4/27/2018
Jenkins: Hot Tips Nate Morse 4/6/2018
Client Showcase (confidential) Collin Flynn 3/30/2018
Photos & Learning from Photography Trip Adam May 3/23/2018
Client Showcase (confidential) Josiah Gulden 2/16/2018
Everyone Hates Nougat Brian Yencho 2/9/2018
Docker: In Action Nate Morse 2/2/2018
What I Learned in Design School Justy Carlin 1/12/2018
Crypto Currencies Josiah Gulden 1/5/2018
Individually Addressable LED Lights Andrew Haisting 12/8/2017
Bass Fishing Matt Schraan 11/3/2017
Client Showcase (confidential) Pete Jones 10/27/2017
Hawaii Tyler Johnson 10/20/2017
Japan Sam Kirchmeier 10/6/2017
Node.js Cms Mauricio Rossi 9/29/2017
Functional Coordinators Matthew Johnson 9/8/2017
ARKit Chris Sessions 8/25/2017
Introduction to Opera Josiah Gulden 8/18/2017
Client Showcase (confidential) Matt Czech 8/11/2017
Chatbot Nate Morse 7/21/2017
CoreML Guled Ahmed 7/7/2017
Layers Andy Davis, Josiah Gulden 6/30/2017
Interactive Animations on iOS Sam Kirchmeier 6/23/2017
Xamarin Nate Morse 4/28/2017
Artificial Intelligence Guled Ahmed 3/31/2017
Media Server David Perez 3/10/2017
Client Showcase (confidential) Sam Kirchmeier 2/24/2017
Guitar Pedals Andrew Haisting 2/10/2017
Client Showcase (confidential) Pete Jones 1/13/2017
Mob Programming Tyler Johnson 1/6/2017
Analytics and Conversion Andy Davis 12/2/2016
Docker Nate Morse 11/11/2016
Client Showcase (confidential) Josiah Gulden 11/4/2016
Accessibility Andy Davis 9/23/2016
Client Showcase (confidential) Kagan Riedel 9/16/2016
Locks Sam Kirchmeier 9/9/2016
Italy Mike Bollinger 9/2/2016
No Man's Sky David Perez 8/26/2016
Client Showcase (confidential) Pete Jones, Josiah Gulden 8/19/2016
Food Waste Andrew Haisting 8/12/2016
France Adam May 8/5/2016
Livefront's Bonsai Framework Chris Sessions 7/22/2016
Zen of Dieter Rams Josiah Gulden 7/15/2016
HTTP2 RPC Nate Morse 7/8/2016
NFC/Bluetooth Sean Kladek, Kagan Riedel 6/24/2016
Internal Project Rosie Hoyem 6/10/2016
Client Showcase (confidential) Kagan Riedel 5/27/2016
Switching to Android Sam Kirchmeier 5/20/2016
Client Showcase (confidential) Sean Weiser 4/29/2016
Go, Only the Cool Stuff Nate Morse 4/22/2016
How to Borrow Stuff David Perez 4/8/2016
React Native Sean Kladek 4/1/2016
Amazon Echo Tasks Rosie Hoyem 3/25/2016
Gravity Waves Brian Yencho 3/18/2016
Client Showcase (confidential) David Perez, Brian Yencho 2/26/2016
Bitcoin Sam Kirchmeier 2/22/2016
Android Vision: Detecting Everything from Faces to Barcodes Sean Weiser 2/12/2016
London Andy Davis 2/5/2016
Client Showcase (confidential) David Perez, Brian Yencho 1/29/2016
MIMO Technology Tyler Johnson 1/22/2016
Ireland: A Place with Rocks and Stuff Pete Jones 10/30/2015
Noise Algorithms Adam May 9/18/2015
Click-bait Science Brian Yencho 5/15/2015
Coffee Gadgets Adam May 1/23/2015
WIMPS (Dark Matter) Brian Yencho 3/7/2014
Brian Yencho’s Totally Awesome Livefront Particle Physics Primer Brian Yencho 7/3/2013

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