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Livefront is a team of developers and designers known for helping companies create remarkable mobile experiences.

We are livefront Our manifesto

Our work reflects an unwavering dedication to building quality software following these four principles:

  • 01 WE BELIEVE the difference between good software and great software is attention to detail.
  • 02 WE BELIEVE communication makes or breaks a project.
  • 03 WE BELIEVE design is just as important as technology.
  • 04 WE BELIEVE simplicity is powerful.

Founded on the principles of craftsmanship and simplicity. We’re a group of expert designers and developers

Our team Leaders in our field and its future

  • Adam May Software Developer
  • Adam Stener Software Developer
  • Adam Thorsen Software Developer
  • Adrianne De Los Reyes Office Manager
  • Andrew Haisting Software Developer
  • Andy Davis Product Designer
  • Arun Mehta QA
  • Brian Yencho Software Developer
  • Chris Sessions Software Developer
  • Collin Flynn Software Developer
  • David Perez Software Developer
  • David Solberg Software Developer
  • Gunnar Gray Product Designer
  • Josh Braun Software Developer
  • Josiah Gulden Product Designer
  • Justy Nusbaum Visual Designer
  • Kagan Riedel Software Developer
  • Keehun Nam Software Developer
  • Matt Czech Software Developer
  • Matthew Johnson Software Developer
  • Matt Schraan Product Manager
  • Mike Bollinger Team Lead
  • Nate Morse Software Developer
  • Pete Jones Software Developer
  • Sean Berry Software Developer
  • Sam Kirchmeier Director of Technology
  • Sean Weiser Software Developer
  • Tyler Johnson Software Developer

What’s it like to work with Livefront?

“Livefront's ability to communicate effectively throughout the course of a project and deliver every single time sets them apart from every team I've worked with.”

Director of Products, Pearson VUE

Leading by example We create community

We teach, share, sponsor, lead, and launch new ideas.

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