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The Samsung SmartThings App

One of the original blockbuster Kickstarter campaigns, SmartThings was an early mover in the smarthome category and grew explosively after being acquired by Samsung two years post-launch. We’ve been along for the ride since the early days, playing a key role in scaling both the product itself and the development team behind it. And when Samsung decided to merge its own Connect smarthome platform with SmartThings—a massive, intercontinental undertaking—we were instrumental in making that integration harmonious and successful.


  • iOS Development
  • SDK Development
  • Android Development

An IoT platform built for scale.

With millions of users hitting SmartThings services continuously throughout the day, economizing the load on those services is critical. We’ve worked closely with SmartThings’ web engineers from day one to maximize performance and availability holistically, treating the technical design of the mobile apps as a first line of defense against superfluous network requests.

This kind of scale also raises the stakes for quality, magnifying the opportunity for each bug and edge case to rear its ugly head. Even a fraction of a percent of users having a bad experience can mean hundreds if not thousands of negative reviews, ratings, and social posts. We’re used to this high wire act, which is why SmartThings for iOS and Android are both subject to extensive unit test coverage and built with quality as a top consideration from the get-go.

Enterprise-grade shared infrastructure.

We’ve played a key role in designing and maintaining SmartKit, the shared SDKs for iOS and Android that give developers throughout the Samsung ecosystem an easy, consistent, blazingly fast way to talk to SmartThings devices and services.

Protecting homes with a household name.

Samsung has teamed up with ADT, one of the most trusted names in home security, to make SmartThings-connected devices and ADT home security systems work together seamlessly. We helped manage the integration, working in tandem with ADT and its OEM hardware partners to get the (extraordinarily complex) job done.

Results worth talking about.

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We were floored by the work your developers performed. I've not seen that level of expertise in an external partner before or since.


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