Livefront SpeaksA RADICL Sprint: Getting Product Alignment in Just One Day

  • Jack Cunningham & Matt SchraanSeptember 3, 2023 • Twin Cities Startup Week

About the talk

The early stages of bringing a new digital product to market are energizing, thrilling, challenging - and fraught with the risk of untested assumptions. Whether you are a startup, a product team, or an innovation team - all are equally susceptible to the perils of making big product investments with unvetted concepts. To further complicate things, time is of the essence for most product teams striving to bring a new innovation to market. So how can you balance the need to thoroughly validate your product hypothesis with your imperative for speed? It’s easier than you may think. In fact, you can build a solid foundation for generating a concept and forming a plan to test it in a single day! In this session, we’ll follow the story of the veteran entrepreneurs at RADICL, an active Minnesota startup creating a platform that empowers and inspires people and teams to achieve epic work - whatever and wherever that may be for them - by creating awareness, delivering insights, guiding possibilities, and giving them a voice in driving organizational success. Partnering with RADICL along its journey is Livefront, a digital product studio focused on helping companies grow by building products people love. We’ll show highlights and take you “inside the room” from a recent discovery workshop completed in partnership between RADICL and Livefront, we’ll share practical tips for how you can facilitate your own one-day discovery workshop, and we’d love to answer your questions along the way. Join us!

About Livefront

Our team creates beautiful mobile apps for people in motion. We work every day with Fortune 500 companies and startups alike to build custom software for phones, tablets, mobile payment wallets, and wearables like watches and glasses. We care deeply about quality, and we love what we do.

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