Livefront SpeaksAccessibility Testing 101: Native App Manual Testing

  • John CaplingerApril 6, 2024 • Minnebar

About the talk

Welcome to "Accessibility Testing 101: Native App Manual Testing" - your crash course in uncovering accessibility barriers in native digital experiences! In this fun and informative session, I'll take a beginner-friendly approach to exploring the fundamentals of manual accessibility testing for native apps. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into the world of manual accessibility testing, this session is perfect for anyone looking to learn the basics. I'll break down complex concepts into bite-sized pieces and show you how to get started with manual testing techniques. Join me as I demystify accessibility testing and dive into the nuts and bolts of manually testing native apps. I'll cover everything from understanding the importance of accessibility to identifying common accessibility issues in digital products. And hopefully I can teach you some practical tips and tricks for conducting manual accessibility tests! From navigating native apps with screen readers and keyboard navigation to testing dynamic font sizing and landscape designs, you'll gain hands-on experience with a variety of accessibility testing methods. But don't worry - I'll keep it light and fun! No boring lectures or complicated jargon here. Just a relaxed atmosphere where you can ask questions, share ideas, and learn at your own pace. So whether you're a developer, tester, designer, or just someone who cares about making apps more inclusive, "Accessibility Testing 101: Native App Manual Testing" is the perfect place to start your journey. Let's roll up our sleeves, dive into accessibility testing, and make the digital world a more inclusive place for everyone. See you there!

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