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80 strong people who care about doing one thing really well:
crafting digital products people love.

  • Adam MaySoftware Developer
  • Adam StenerSoftware Developer
  • Adrian MissySolutions Architect
  • Adrianne De Los ReyesOffice Manager
  • Albert WoldSoftware Developer
  • Alec RippbergerSoftware Developer


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We believe the difference between good software and great software is attention to detail.

  • Alex ConstancioSoftware Developer
  • Ali JoaquinCreative Director
  • Amy NelsonDirector of People Operations
  • Benjamin WoodCreative Director
  • Brent ClarkeQA Analyst
  • Brent MeyerProduct Designer


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We believe communication makes or breaks a project.

  • Brian YenchoDirector of Engineering
  • Caleb DerosierSoftware Developer
  • Carter ShadesUI/UX Designer
  • Chris FrySoftware Developer
  • Chris SessionsSoftware Developer
  • Chris WodickaUI/UX Designer


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We believe design is just as important as technology.

  • Collin FlynnSoftware Developer
  • Connor CallahanSoftware Developer
  • Curtis Neal-AdamsProduct Manager
  • David PerezSoftware Developer
  • Emily VermeulenUI/UX Designer
  • Jack CunninghamProduct Strategist


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We believe simplicity is powerful.

  • Jared JacobsonProduct Manager
  • Jasmine NievesProduct Manager
  • Jennifer MorganProduct Manager
  • Jeremy EventyrQA Analyst
  • Joe SonkaDirector of Client Success
  • John CaplingerQA Analyst
  • John CavalieriSoftware Developer
  • John StandishSoftware Developer
  • Joshua QueenSoftware Developer
  • Jubie AladeSoftware Developer
  • Justin MagniniSoftware Developer
  • Justy CarlinProduct Designer
  • Kagan RiedelSoftware Developer
  • Kasey LacoreProduction Designer
  • Lucas KiviSoftware Developer
  • Mason O'NeilSoftware Developer
  • Matt CzechSoftware Developer
  • Matt SchraanVP of Product Management
  • Megan PekarekSoftware Developer
  • Mike BollingerFounder & CEO
  • Mike FaberProduct Manager
  • Nathan AnselSoftware Developer
  • Nick KrantzSoftware Developer
  • Nimeela DaripineniProduct Designer
  • Noah CusimanoSoftware Developer
  • Olivia RuddProduction Designer
  • Paige KeaneProduct Strategist
  • Paul HimesSoftware Developer
  • Pete JonesSoftware Developer
  • Phylicia FlynnUI/UX Designer
  • Rob AbbottSoftware Developer
  • Robin MarquardtProduct Designer
  • Sam CarterRecruiter
  • Sam KirchmeierVP of Engineering
  • Sean EphraimSolutions Architect
  • Sean ParkerProduct Manager
  • Sean WeiserSoftware Developer
  • Shannon DraekerSoftware Developer
  • Sonia MertenQA Analyst
  • Tyler JohnsonSoftware Developer
  • Tyler PerkinsSoftware Developer
  • Welile ZwaneQA Analyst

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