Livefront Brewing.

Raising a glass to ourselves

Our most delicious work yet.

Yes, we are a digital product design and engineering team from 9-5. But from 5-9? Some of us appreciate the finer points of drinking well-appointed, carefully crafted beer.

Introducing Livefront Brewing: our brew, made by our team, for our employees and client partners. And one more reason to celebrate the remarkable people we have the privilege of calling co-workers and friends. Each beer has a story, each beer has a name acclaiming a current member of the Livefront team, and each beer is so good that you may even consider joining us to get a little taste.

Our Brews.

Kirchmeier Kölsch Label

Kirchmeier Kölsch


Crisp, sharp, reliably refreshing. These are words that could aptly describe this lovely Kölsch OR Livefront’s VP of Engineering Sam Kirchmeier. Now, Sam doesn’t have the same yellowish hue as the Kölsch. And the Kölsch’s knowledge of uni-directional data flow doesn’t even come close to Sam's... but at least they have crispness in common!

NotesCrisp, bright, refreshing

EmployeeSam Kirchmeier



Dizzy Label


Double IPA

This delectably delicious double IPA has enough body to live up to its infamous namesake, our Android engineer David Perez. He has not one, but two custom Slack emojis. He turns heads with his unbeatable holiday attire. Although he’s not a fan of IPA’s (oops), he said this brew was “pretty decent.” High praise, considering!

NotesTropical fruit, piney, floral

EmployeeDavid Perez



Pete's Better Half Label

Pete's Better Half

Milk Stout

This creamy milk stout is one part sweet chocolate and one part animated coffee—similar to Alice Stout, the better half of our all-star developer Pete Jones. Together, they blend effortlessly for a smooth, easy finish. Don't believe us? Join our team to try it out for yourself.

NotesBold, smokey, chocolate, vanilla

EmployeePete Jones



Bad Mandy Label

Bad Mandy

Blond Ale

This bright, approachable blonde ale is almost as delightful as its employee namesake. Our very own kick ass Android developer Andrew (Andy/Mandy) Haisting has all the qualities you'd want in a good beer: flavor, jubilance, style. And really blonde hair. Who's also a guitar wizard. Need we say more?

NotesMalty sweet, citrus, refreshing

EmployeeAndrew Haisting



A few slogans we considered.

Picking a slogan is hard. That’s why we picked 6. Which one is your favorite? Have a better idea? Don’t be shy!

  • Because software engineers are obviously good at brewing beer
  • Another side project we took too far
  • Putting out fires one beer at a time
  • We made the interns do it
  • Because we ran out of La Croix
  • Our best ideas are the worst ones
Livefront team participating in the brewing process.

We are Livefront.

Our team creates beautiful mobile apps for people in motion. We work every day with Fortune 500 companies and startups alike to build custom software for phones, tablets, mobile payment wallets, and wearables like watches and glasses. We care deeply about quality, and we love what we do.

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